Social Information

Poetics III.

By: A.R. Cervantes

What we are seeing happen with social media data is similar, in a sense, to what we have been doing individually when interacting with each other, since we entered a society.

We observe others and consider that information to better understand our environment and our reaction.

We observe traditions and rituals, bridging our extrapolated sense of meaning from our daily actions.

With observation, consideration, and intent to bridge, we can collectively organize our interactions.

To review trends occurring in categorized demographics and behaviors that help inform our decision on policy,

Policy that can reform our inherent freedom,

through revisions, extensions, and constraints.

Now we see this process occurring in a new form.

Examining, judging, and disconnecting ourselves from each other.

As we are curious,

surrounded by an environment that is venomously expectant,

and repelled by ideology.

Or far removed from your social role,

To be complicit in the manipulation of these reinforced cravings,

Enticing those without a hint of knowing,

to remain steeped in distraction that lends itself to a disconnecting belief.

Though, you may realize this path while in the midst,

Of division and solitude,

Your occupation can be brief.

As we develop by the aims we set,

And if we took that step to see each other through our primordial traditions,

The traditions that can define us as a species,

To find the underlying meaning naturally present within in each other.

Of which can discard the value of content that is algorithmically filtered for your eyes only.

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