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By: A. R. Cervantes

I’ve come to realize I don’t know much. I am often unrefined in my thoughts and often exposed to an ailment conveyed as uncertainty, which stems confusion.

Exposed by its haze, I ventured to familiar, yet off and unsettling possibilities of reality. Possibilities of a resigned soul, the prevalence of insignificance, and the absurdity that this existence can be.

These are interpretations expressed through means that are, at the foundation, rooted and archaic. Rooted in genuinity, and archaic through a refined expression of Aristotelian, Paleologic, and Associational means of thought.

In other words, traditional logic is adhered to, a subjectively-dependent and varied logic is explored, and loose associations are toyed with.

If you are reading this, my reflections and interpretations mainly serve as a method to help me explore and refine my apprehension of self.

I only ask that you meet me halfway and read with an intent to understand.

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