The Interdisciplinary Model

Poetics I.

By: A. R. Cervantes

Atoms Underlying the Elemental Table,
Excited by force
A stream of energy.
Composed in accordance to laws,
Laws discerned by observation,
And experiment.

Methods and Accordances.
Established by passing or brief development.
The development that’s difficult to identify.
Yet there is a ceaseless, or underlying meaning for identification.

Of the Form and Development.
The manifestation of sense.
That contours, conjoins, and bridges its depiction of length.

Depiction of Self,
Resonated and reflected
In expression, exchange, intent, belief.
Then later claimed as memory or progression,
Judgment and perspective,
Cultural and expectation.

Reflections & Claims,
Layered to interact, react, act,
Conflicted by oppositions to inevitably transcend.
Occurring to the form as coherence,
Of the development.

That deviates from an act.
Construing its reflections to permit development.
Development that utilized the tool,
Devised communication,
And illustrated the matter of reality.
A reality of atoms.

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