A Father’s Fate

Dialogue II.

By: A.R. Cervantes

Some time has passed since we spent time together. Last time I saw you, you were chained and under the responsibility of a few men while at the hospital.

Fortunately, permission was given for your visit.

You were present, and at her bedside when I arrived. You were swelling with tears. I was reminded of my vulnerability as your innocence was expressed.

You were collapsing at the sight and touch of your sister’s cold body.

A fate was set that day, and I was entwined with it. Your years of hiding had resulted in an insulated distance from her everyday reality. Your last encounter, engraved by your current circumstances

Now I see the same fate as a possibility for both of us.

If you were to slip away, I would be left with a void held together by our brief but significant encounters, insulated by the distance of circumstance and passivity. With my departure, you would only repeat what you had already gone through.

Though our history has grown weary and transparent with the time that has passed. Your fragility had invoked an image of your inherent sensitivity, bridging to my vulnerability.

I just wanted to thank you, Father, for this reminder.

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